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I’ve just finished reading Heather’s book and boy it was like reading my own story. A few medical and age differences but it was a very similar journey I had and am on. A very honest story with plenty of advice on all the avenues they explored. I really appreciated the husband’s reflection. I wrote a blog myself to help me through my own journey. Reflecting what you have been through most definitely helps. Thank you for sharing your journey as I can’t imagine it was an easy decision to share your story with the world. I highly recommend this read for anyone going through or has been through the same crossroads in your life.
Really enjoyed this book read it in 1 day, it was very sad and was hoping they would get a happy ending but overall book was really enjoyable and had taken in a lot of advice and tips that where given. Would recommend it to anybody that is struggling to conceive or going through the IVF Process.
Heather Easton’s book is an honest journey of a brave couple going though infertility.
As you can tell from the description, her treatments have not resulted in a child yet. It was heartbreaking to read about her hopes and dreams with each IVF cycle, only to get those hopes and dreams crushed repeatedly. It was sad knowing that she and her husband did everything they could with each IVF cycle and got nothing in return.
The harsh reality is that while treatments work, they don’t work all the time. Some journeys to parenthood take much longer. I know that Heather’s journey is not over yet and hope she will be a mom one day soon.
I like the details she provides about her trips, especially if you are considering IVF clinic called Serum in Athens, Greece. It is known as one of the best clinics in the world. Heather was so detailed in description of her overseas experience, it made me wonder if she kept a diary during her visits.
I believe that anyone going though infertility can relate to this book, even if you haven’t tried any treatments yet. I am grateful to Heather for writing this book because even with my vast knowledge of infertility, I still learned from her and her journey. I am rooting for Heather and her husband. I know that her next book (whether she writes it or not) will have a happy ending.